Teachers Application Form

Dear Applicant!

Below you will find the ‘Teacher Application Form’. This form will help us familiarize Plus Academy with your teaching approach. Please fill it out in as much detail as you can. The form includes some questions which assess your technical choice. In your response, please, set out to paint us a picture of the realities of your interaction with your students and your evaluation of their educational needs.

متقاضی محترم!

"فرم در خواست تدریس" برای آشنایی بیشتر پلاس آکادمی با رویکرد شما در تدریس تنظیم شده است. لطفا با جزییات کامل آن را پر کنید. این فرم شامل سئوالاتی است که نحوه انتخاب نکات فنی توسط شما را می سنجد. لطفا در پاسخهای خود کلاس را به نحوی ترسیم کنید که نشان دهنده حقایق مربوط به نحوه تعامل با زبان آموزانتان و ارزیابی شما از نیازهای آموزشی آنان باشد.  

Please take time to answer the following questions regarding teaching.

Paraphrase the following “teacher talk” in a language so that an elementary learner is more likely to understand

How could you most easily and effectively convey the meaning (do NOT give definitions) of the following items to a group of learners? (Assume a mixed-nationality class, i.e. no translation possible)

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